Brick Duck Believes if You’re Going to Speak Out, You Shouldn’t Blend In.

If you’re going to have a cookie, have a cookie, not some joyless, tasteless, good-for-you alternative. If you want to send a message, do something that lights people up. Makes them think. Makes them remember you and want more.

Brick Duck Communications works at the highest levels of American business to develop storylines that stick. We’ll brainstorm with you, design and write for you, and extend your voice, tone, and attitude.

We clarify your mission and narrative and set you apart from the flock. And we’re not project managers who pitch you a vision, then hire proxies to do the heavy lifting. We’re who you actually get. No middlemen, no handoffs.

We bring experience, optimism, ideas, and familiarity with deadlines. You bring a yen for something fresh. We’re not for those who seek safety in imitating competitors, or who prefer a stenographer to a collaborator.

Most corporate messages are joyless, tasteless, forgettable cookies. We go different.

If you get the value of zigging when others zag, though, you get Brick Duck Communications. You want to surprise and captivate your key audiences. To float, fly, defy. So when you get stuck for a message, get behind on writing deadlines, or get out of sync with your strategy or customers… don’t hesitate to duck.